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Who We Are

Pleased to meet you! We are a new kind of on-line marketplace; driven to deliver great savings to you and our suppliers by simply uniting the two of you at a critical point in the supply chain: Overstock Clearance. Our products are selected and sourced direct from Retailers using our technology centered inventory projections; instantly saving them millions in storage and warehouse costs and delivered to your door with savings up to 60% creating Win/Win scenario for all!

Our Vision

We love what we do; leverage proprietary technology to provide consumers with high quality merchandise at low prices, saving suppliers millions in overhead costs as well as positively impacting the environment, all in one shot. We bundle this technique with exceptional customer service to create an unforgettable shopping experience that delivers a high impact change in our customers homes in terms of quality and to their wallets.

Our History

We are a Retail Tech Startup inspired by the need to find an appropriate solution to the end of a products life in the supply chain. Our mission is to eliminate the overhead costs associated with overstock products to retailer balanced with benefits and savings to the consumer as well as the environment. We work on that mission every day by connecting you directly to high quality products, delivering them to your door at great prices; which saves retailers millions and consequently eliminates waste, positively impacting the environment.

  • Thomas Snow

    Ceo Founder
  • Anna Baranov

    Client Care
  • Andrei Kowalsy

    Support Boss
  • Susan McCain

    Customer Service
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Partner With Us

Are you a Retailer? Join us in our effort to modernize the supply chain in a responsible way, that benefits all. We welcome everyone from manufacturers to local artisans from all over North America to join us in our effort. Contact us today and give a responsible and profitable end to your overstock merchandise.

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